Plus Size Comedian Melissa Hager Performs Online

Around Michigan, comics are finding different ways to bring the funny online and even make a little money doing it.   Frankenmuth’s Melissa Hager launched the Comedy Series as a touring live series back in May of 2016, taking shows to bars and restaurants around Michigan. The pandemic brought that to a halt but she's turned it into a weekly online program, featuring three comics -- including national names such as Jackie Fabulous from "America's Got Talent," Jen Kober from HBO's "The Righteous Gemstones" and David Dryer -- plus herself as host, with a $9 per household ticket. "I would say it pales in comparison to a live comedy show," Hager -- who cracks that she's spending days with "two young boys being home-schooled by an alcoholic" -- acknowledges. "But, y'know, you're at home, it's a cheap ticket, you get to have a laugh. And we get to hire bigger comedians than we could ever afford in-person." Hager says that since its mid-March launch the Comedy Series online has built a dedicated and regular audience that numbers between 150-300 each week from nearly every U.S. state and countries such as Australia, the U.K. and Latvia. [...]